My name is Tom McKenzie. Iím the Principal of Yell-Niagara Concierge Services. Iíve been arranging loans and brokering commercial projects since 1972. My professional success has been that of multiple location Honda Dealer.  I invested my capital and energy since then championing many other successful ventures.

These difficult times have changed how we all do business.  I was struck by the first round of Covid 19, leaving me with serious health and mobility problems, prompting a change in how I conduct business moving forward.

Yell-Niagara, and my other businesses continue to do well, but how I operate them has changed. Iím past my ďBest Before DateĒ so now itís time to help smaller local businesses in ways that have made my businesses successful. A little pay back, so-to-speak, while Iím still able.

Many new capital sources have come about over the past three years

-Private Local Business Associates
-Patreon Funders
-Crypto Investors
-Angel Investors
-Community Based Business Loans
-Federal and Provincial Covid 19 Loan Assistance
-Federal and Provincial Business Assistance for Employee Funding
-GoFundMe, and GiveSendGo Grants and Loans

There are other smaller loan providers, but they would prefer to remain anonymous, until such a time as they are prepared to fund.

Perhaps itís your turn for a bit of luck, but you need capital to get through these challenging economic times.  We have survived one economic crisis with Covid 19 and shutdowns, however analysts have forecasted the likelihood of seeing further shutdowns this coming winter.

 Conventional lenders have moved away from small businesses. Regardless of your successes, trying to arrange addition capital today is very difficult.   BUT there is- a way.

 I know from years of experience that the most important thing of all is to get to the attention of the lenders and investors, like the ones listed above. I will do this for you, bringing them your project as a complete and properly prepared packaged.

Why would they look at what I bring them? Simple, I donít charge them a fee or commission for bringing them a new financing request. Normally a project brought to a lender brings 5% to a 10% closing fee to the broker. I provide your project to the potential lender, on a no fee basis

I do charge a minimal personal fee, for my time.  $300. That fee encompasses all the due diligence required to prepare the necessary package presented to the prospective funders. There is no broker fee, as I am not brokering a project for money

Normally the biggest problem for business seeking funding is the cost of the Broker. The money covering the cost of funding, i.e. the due diligence investigation to prepare a proposal to take to a lender/investor, regardless of the loan size. That Broker fee is seldom less than $2500, often substantially more. I will use the resources of my company as needed; I developed that company so there is very little I canít do myself. Iíll prepare this personalized package for you. If you deal with me, for my time the fee is $300. Total.

As the boss, I can determine what my time is worth to you. Iím looking at my own small projects as Iím repaying my good fortune to the local businesses that supported me with their trade over the years. The Covid pandemic brought havoc, maybe I can reverse a bit of bad fortune.

When you call me to see what I can do, the ceiling on your loan request is $40,000.  I know where the money is, and my job is to do my best to connect you to that money.

So, if you are ready to get a team working behind you and all the benefits of proper presentation to a lender, the only fee is $300. Call me anytime. 9:AM to 9PM. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tom McKenzie
Mobile 905-380-5527